Make moving home quick and painless

MooveMe running on iPhone XS


  • Track the location of all your boxes and possessions
  • Print trackable labels to attach to your boxes
  • Mark your boxes as heavy, fragile and/or private
  • Scan a MooveMe label to discover the contents of a box, along with pertinent meta data
  • Enter your possessions manually, or scan their barcode
  • Offline first: all data* is stored on-device, can be used when out of signal and/or before your wifi is connected
  • Quick and easy to use; get set up and start packing within two minutes of installation


  • Track the status of all your boxes
  • Choose from six beautiful colour schemes
Available on the App Store

* except the ISBN/book search, which is powered by
† benchmarked unscientifically by a digital native with quick thumbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Wouldn't it just be easier to write a number on a box?

A. Yes, it would, but that's not very futuristic, is it? With the old fashioned methods of writing "numbers" on "boxes", you don't get the added benefits that MooveMe provides, such as being able to scan a label on a box to see exactly what's in it, or the ability to search for an item by keyword.

Q. My WiFi hasn't been installed yet, can I still use it?

A. Of course. All the data is stored on your device so no Internet connection is required for the main features. You will need a connection to lookup books by their ISBN barcode - this is powered by, so a connection to their servers is required.

Q. My mate Dave's helping me move, can I share the app with him?

A. In the full version of MooveMe, you have the ability to "share" your moving data. Simply go to Menu -> Import/Export and hit Export to File. This allows you to send your data as a file to anyone running MooveMe to then import and help you unpack.

There is also a roadmap item (that's nerd-speak for "it's on the list") for adding cloud syncing of your data across devices; once the legals of this have been fully nailed down, work can continue. If you're desperate for this, send us a feature request - if we get enough of these, we can prioritise the feature over other things such as sleeping, eating and playing with our children.

Q. Why does this app cost actual money? I could make a spreadsheet for free!

A. People gotta eat, right?

By all means make your spreadsheet, after all that's how we used to do it ourselves, but don't come crying to us when you find it to be painful. Actually do. Do come crying to us - we'll take you back.

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