Privacy Policy


Although we encourage you to read the full policy, the short version is:

  • We don't collect any data about your properties or possessions
  • The app only stores data on your device, not on third party servers or services
  • Amplitude is the only third party service we currently use
  • If/when we make updates to the app that could effect your privacy, we will update these terms

The full details

Effective Date: September 2019

Anonymous tracking

Since September 2019, MooveMe and MooveMe Lite both include a tracking library that allows us to understand how the apps are being used and a little demographic data about our users. Our tracking platform of choice is Amplitude () and the list of fields it collects are:

  • Device: platform, type and operating system
  • Screen: size and resolution
  • User: country, region, city and mobile carrier
  • Usage: number of and length of sessions, actions taken within the app

We DO NOT track the property addresses, rooms, boxes or possessions you add to the application.

3rd Parties


We have removed the functionalities that work with Amazon data. This may return in the future dependent on demand.

Effective Date: 01 January 2019

Who we are

MooveMe is an app designed, developed and maintained by Skelli Studios, a small multi-disciplinary digital studio in the south of England.

What data do we collect in the app?

In order to operate, MooveMe needs to know where you are moving from and moving to, this is the only personal data the app collects. This data is only stored on your local device and is never transmitted off your device to our servers or to any third party.

Usage Stats

As of this initial release, the app itself does not collect any usage data, but in a future release we will be implementing usage statistics tracking in order to help us decide which new features to include and identify areas to improve the stability and performance of the app. Any releases that affect your privacy will be accompanied by an update to this policy.

What do we collect on this site?

This site, as with all Skelli Studios properties, utilises Google Analytics to provide insights into which areas the site are of interest to our users.

Which 3rd parties are involved in the app?


There are two areas of the app that use data from

  1. Barcode Search: the barcode scanner in the Pack section of the app queries Amazon's product data to locate products and pre-fill some of the details. This is routed through our web server to apply the necessary API keys, but no data is stored on our side.
  2. Shop: our shop is simply a list of products, direct from Amazon, that you can purchase through Amazon's site; all transactions take place directly on Amazon and neither MooveMe nor Skelli Studios are involved in the actual transactions.

Where do we store data?

As of this release, any data you provide to MooveMe is only held within the app, on your device. In a future release, you will have the option to synchronise the app's data with cloud services such as iCloud - when this update is ready, an updated Privacy Policy will be released with details of what data will be synchronised and to where.