2.0.0 New design and iPad Support! (Paid version only)

A complete redesign including a dedicated iPad view

  • Card-style layout
  • Dark mode
  • Colour themes

1.7.0 Finally, SHARING! (Paid version only)

Finally, we can share our data with friends and family!

  • Share packing/moving data via iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Email etc

1.6.0 - 1.6.5 Maintenance releases

Is there a doctor in the house?

  • Many internal fixes and updates to improve performance, stability and prepare for upcoming features
  • Shiny new App Store graphics and content.
  • Anonymous usage tracking.
  • Review request for returning users.

1.4.0 Data migrator and importer

Not very interesting, but very important!

  • Added framework for enabling data migrations
  • Import data from a file on the user's device

1.3.0 ISBN Search

Great for bibliophiles!

  • You can now scan your books' barcodes to populate their data.

1.2.0 Multi Labels

  • Added ability to print up to four labels on one sheet of paper
  • Improved iPad layouts

1.1.0 Si, SeƱor!

Yessir, we DO speak Spanish!

  • Added framework for localisation support
  • Added Spanish language support

1.0.0 Gold Master!

Well we finally did it! We finished and released one of our ideas.

This is the initial release of the MooveMe app for iOS and Android, featuring:

  • Add properties, boxes, and possessions
  • Print trackable/scannable QR labels
  • Search for boxes and possession by name or keywords
  • Purchase moving supplies from Amazon
  • All app data resides on-device
  • Reset some or all app data