Indie web, app and game development studio in the south of England


Welcome to Skelli Studios

Skelli Studios is a small indie digital studio based in the south of England, offering web, mobile and app design and development services.

We have built countless websites and apps and have recently moved into mobile development, some examples of which can be found here.

We can work directly with you and your team - or with your agency if that's more appropriate - to help you brainstorm your idea before providing documentation and materials, prototypes and finally the finished project for deployment to the web or native app stores.

The team uses industry standard hardware, software and processes to ensure swift and efficient development and the highest quality end-products

We have combined experience of over forty years designing, building, maintaining and promoting digital experiences on the web and mobile and would love to help you.

If you need an experienced, efficient and cost-effective team to help you implement your vision, then please get in touch.

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MooveMe Dashboard
MooveMe Label

Make painful housemoves a thing of the past with MooveMe, a cataloguing and move management utility designed to help the app-for-that generation move between properties with the minimum of fuss and to banish the phrase “living out of boxes” to the history books.

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A simple card matching game designed to stimulate small children and help them learn simple words such as colours, animals and vehicles.

Optional level packs can be installed by parents at no cost.

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* yep, that really IS Comic Sans MS