Indie app and game development studio in the south of England


Your Privacy Matters


Although we encourage you to read the full policy, the short version is:

  • We don't collect any data about you for marketing or resale purposes
  • Each app only collects and stores data required for its usage - no demographics data
  • Each app will have its own privacy policy which either extends or replaces this one
  • If/when we make updates to our apps and websites that could effect your privacy, we will update these terms
  • We use Google Analytics on our marketing sites to collect and analyse anonymous site usage data.


  • Latest Version: January 2019

The Full Details

Effective Date: 01 January 2019

Who we are

Skelli Studios are an independent app and game development studio, based in the south of England.

What data do we collect in the app?

In order to operate, some websites, apps and games developed by the studio need to know a little about their users. This data can be stored on the user's device (e.g. in local storage, or an offline database) and in some cases, in an online database hosted by a third party web host or cloud storage provider.

Usage Stats

Each website, app or game will implement its own usage statistics implementation and/or strategy. The details of which can be found in the respective property's privacy policy.

What do we collect on this site?

This site, as with all Skelli Studios properties, utilises Google Analytics to provide insights into which areas of the site are of interest to our users.

Which 3rd parties do we use to handle data?

Google Analytics